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52/100 pictures of Theo James


The stunting has officially begun. With Little Mix News on the horizon, Zerrie has finally come to the light again. But what stunting are they using?
Well, already we have seen the couple go on a very public day out to the hard rock cafe and then onto shopping.
In the photo of Zayn and Perrie in a store, Zayn notices the cameras/fans outside he then quickly takes Perrie into an embrace.
But this is nothing we all haven’t seen before but the release of the Zerrie articles in One Directions new book is very…odd, if you compare what Zayn says in interviews to what he says in the book you see Zayn and then you see “Zayn”. I do believe that some of that information in the book is true but not all of it is.
With One Direction and Little Mix’s new albums to be relased very soon expect a lot of Zerrie but don’t freak out because a few photos or quotes have you shifting just remember, Believe None of what you Hear and only Half of what you See.



Makeup for the perfect selfie?

Yep, we went there »  


Y después dicen que Zerrie no es publicidad, Nombra a Little Mix en la biografía de Zayn 

And people say that Zerrie is not advertising, Appoints Little Mix in the biography of Zayn